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While padel is mostly played in Spain (and originates from Spain itself), a typical padel court can often feel similar to a tennis-based court. However, many people prefer padel tennis designs over a regular enclosed court due to the wider space, which is suitable for a greater range of different matches.

We are padel court construction specialists with a real passion for specially prepared and high-quality padel courts, working with our clients to deliver a suitable venue for their favourite sport with ease.


Types of Padel Court Surfaces

There are many different types of court surfacing available across the UK, and we supply a wide range of surfaces and materials for our padel tennis spaces.

Whether you are setting up padel tennis courts for world padel tour tournaments or just prefer a padel tennis court's ability to offer more space, our team can deliver the right padel tennis court design with minimal hassle.

Padel Courts Flooring

The flooring of a padel court can be made using a range of well-known synthetic materials. Our team can help you find the right material for your sports habits, as well as specific places like sports clubs or a venue for a padel tour event.

The floor material is chosen in a similar process to a non-padel tennis court. However, the smaller size of most regular padel spaces compared to a standard tennis court can make them more convenient for clubs and other properties with limited space.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Padel Court UK?

The average cost of a padel court ranges from £10,000 to £20,000, depending on the work involved. However, this can vary heavily based on a wide range of factors, such as:

  • The court size

  • The size of the venue and the difficulty of installation

  • Any work needed to make the venue suitable for the court

  • The amount of available seating for spectators

  • The time constraints of the project

  • The amount of structural support the court may need

  • Whether the court is being installed in an indoor space or outdoors

  • Whether or not the court needs to be up to world wide events standards or suitable for tournaments, club events, etc

  • Additional services, such as designing the padel court to match a planned world padel tour aesthetic or the visual style of a sports club

  • The effort involved in having to manage the installation


Where are High Quality Padel Courts Installed?

Padel courts can be installed anywhere that there is room. With the increased popularity of padel and almost any other tennis-like sport England-wide, they often see use in more places than you may think:

  • Parks (e.g. Hyde Park, Regent's Park)

  • Sports club properties (e.g. Hazelwood Sports Club, Ipswich Sports Club, Weybridge Padel Club)

  • Leisure centres and casual sports club properties

  • Hospitals

  • Public sports or club areas

  • World sports event venues

  • Hotels

From Wales to Scotland and all across the UK, padel clubs are becoming more and more common. The game has been used as a club activity, a way to support people getting more exercise, and even in major sports facilities like Hyde Park.

Padel Court Benefits

The obvious benefits for these are the exercise, as well as the variety that they can offer clubs or parks (or even a paid leisure centre business/service). However, compared to regular tennis club courts, they offer numerous benefits.

  • Smaller court size, making it more convenient for a club with limited space

  • Standard design that allows almost any game to be played, including regular tennis

  • Enclosed design, making played games less likely to interfere with others nearby. Since most tennis spaces are open, a poor racket hit can send a ball completely out of bounds

  • Lower material costs due to the slightly smaller size

  • Easy conversion into a regular tennis court if needed

There are also other aspects of these courts that can be better than tennis club courts, depending on the design. For example, they can often support a roof covering much more easily.


Padel Court Construction in the UK

Our team know how to build padel club courts effectively, whether we are retaining all of the aspects of courts initially established by Spain or making an exception to certain design details.

How to Build a Padel Court

Our process for creating these padel club courts is relatively simple:

  • Plan out the design in advance and consider environmental factors

  • Establish health and safety plans

  • Prepare foundations

  • Set up drainage

  • Install a sub-base and base

  • Set up the concrete ring beam perimeter for the fences and supporting posts

  • Enclose the court with walls or fences

  • Lay down the padel court surface

  • Install any ancillary equipment, from storage for balls and rackets to lighting

Padel Court Construction Specifications

High-quality padel courts often follow specific specifications based on how the original sport is played.

Most are 20m long and 10m wide, enclosed and above ground. This falls in line with how the sport is played, although you can also play other ball games within the play space even with its slightly smaller size.

Padel Court Back Walls

The back walls of padel tennis courts are important. From strengthened glass panels to simply wire walls and fences, we can find you the right option for your preferred design. This includes working out the right kind of glass panels or fencing options for the venue itself.

Since padel tennis rules use these back walls as ways to bounce the balls, the wall choices for both indoor and outdoor courts matter more than you might expect. Even if you are planning to use it mostly as a doubles court, having the right wall surfaces can really matter.


Padel Court vs. Tennis Court

Padel courts are smaller than tennis courts and much smaller than doubles areas. They provide a space to play padel and other games using the same kinds of rackets, and with the right planning, they can become a general place to play similar games.

Padel Tennis vs. Pickleball

Pickleball uses an even smaller court play space than padel, making it less of an investment but giving you a more limited amount of space to work with. This makes padel courts more versatile overall.

What is a Padel Court?

A padel court is a space to play padel, a game that is often considered a mixture between tennis and squash.

These courts are slightly smaller than typical tennis courts and are walled in to allow for wall bounces.

The surfaces are usually the same synthetic materials as those used in tennis areas, and the overall design is mostly similar. This makes the installation project relatively straightforward, even if the project is a conversion from a tennis court into a padel court.


"The new court looks fantastic, and the installation hire was affordable. Absolutely recommend."

"We had to pay less than we thought for the installation service, but the new court is even better than the old one."

"We had to purchase a court on short notice for our club members, and the installation was extremely fast. We're very happy with the quality of service we decided to pay for, and the new one as a whole."


Frequently Asked Questions 

Who would Benefit from a Padel Court Most?

Padel spaces are most useful for any club that has varied sports as part of its business model.

Where is Padel Mostly Played?

Padel originated in Spain but has become more and more popular in the UK over time.

Why are Padel Courts Enclosed?

These courts are enclosed as part of the game, allowing for balls to bounce off walls.

Other Services We Offer


We offer a wide range of sports court options, with padel court designs being one of our specialities. If you are interested in our padel court installation service or just want to know more about what we can offer at Tennis Court Construction, then get in touch with our experts today.

Our experts understand how to give you the right service for your specific court needs and are more than happy to work on bespoke designs. Contact us to learn more about what our specialists can do.


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