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Tennis Court Construction are specialists in constructing and designing tennis court and are able to install tennis courts to the sizes you require and at an affordable price. 

Tennis court dimensions in Halloughton NG25 0 can differ depending upon the type of court and the area in question, however for an everyday domestic sport court inside the UK common measurements are 33.53m in length x 16.48m in width, allowing for a 16’ runback area behind both baselines. This size is often very popular for people looking to install a sports court as a leisure facility often in private gardens and residential areas, as these dimensions are more suited to players who play tennis for fun rather than at a competitive level.

In terms of the actual playing area of these facilities, the recommended line marking of the domestic sports surfacing according to The ITF (International Tennis Federation) is 23.77m in length x 10.97m in width. This line marking is made up of an anti-slip paint and is applied by the specialist contractors in Halloughton to these specifications.

If you would like more information regarding the professional dimensions of the courts we install, please make sure that you speak to our experts. Once you have filled in our enquiry form, we can provide you with more information on the sizes and offer you details regarding the cost of a full-sized tennis pitch.


What is the Size of a Tennis Court? 

The standard size of a tennis court is 33.53m x 16.48m. However, these courts can be installed bigger or smaller depending upon the clients' personal preferences. You will see that professional courts have different guidelines regarding the dimensions when compared to domestic facilities. Our specialists are able to install courts the sizes you require at affordable prices. Since we only make use of premium materials and specialist equipment you will be sure to receive the best quality service. 

Tennis Courts Area Size in Halloughton

In terms of professional dimensions within the UK, The LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) imply that when installing a facility in an actual sports club, the dimensions should be a minimum of 34.75m in length x 17.07m in width according to their guidelines. Additionally, they also advise that the area size of professional Championship courts should be slightly larger at 36.58m long x 18.29m wide. These nearby facilities are less likely to differ in size as the domestic sports surfaces due to the fact that they are often installed for professional and competitive use, meaning that most sports clubs inside the UK will stick with the guidelines recommended to them by The LTA regarding the area size.

For more details regarding the tennis courts area size, please contact our team.

Tennis Court Size Near Me 

If you want to alter the tennis court size prior to installation, it is important to let our team know as soon as possible. We can offer details on how altering the measurements of a court can affect the price. Our local installers can create specifications and designs closest to your ideas so that the measurement of the court matches up to your budget.

It's important to choose sport court construction companies in Halloughton based on relevant levels of skill and experience.

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We can offer a number of detailed case studies and videos of work we have previously completed so you can be sure that you'll get a great quality end product. Please feel free to fill in our short enquiry form on this page to speak to one of our experts today.


Cost Effective Tennis Courts Near Me

Tennis court dimensions for facilities such as gardens and schools in Halloughton NG25 0 and surrounding areas, can be reduced or increased in size depending upon the area of construction. As a result of this, the recommended dimensions that are intended for leisure use tend to be more flexible than those that are constructed for more professional and competitive intentions. An example of this would be if an individual intended to have sports courts installed as a leisure facility for their back garden but lacked the recommended space for the facility to be built, the dimensions could be reduced to allow for the area to be built whilst reducing installation costs in the process. 

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As a result of this smaller courts often tailor towards those who aim to have a facility built on a cheap budget and/or lack the space for a full-sized facility.

It is not uncommon for us to alter the size of sports courts to create a more affordable facility for homeowners in Halloughton or surrounding areas.

Our specialists regularly install smaller or mini courts to create more cost-effective tennis courts.

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If you require a reduction in the size, please let our team know at the earliest convenience.


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Whether having a leisure facility or as a professional playing surface installed, it is crucial to ensure that your area size is thoroughly considered and researched, as making certain your court is the appropriate size for both the area and your playing requirements will allow for the best possible experience on the facility. Furthermore, ensuring that you have your recreational surfacing built by trusted and experienced professionals is also important, as having reliable and trustworthy sports surfacing specialists will again ensure that the facility is constructed to the specific design and dimensions of your choice.

If you would like more information on tennis court dimensions in Halloughton NG25 0 or the costs to install a facility, please message our team using the enquiry form provided.

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