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Tennis Court Construction are specialists in tennis court design and can line mark your tennis courts in the colours you desire and can even install extra line-markings for other sports like netball and basketball.

Anti-slip tennis court line marking in Groomsport BT19 6 is applied in specialist sports courts paint which enhances the grip of the surface and ensures that scoring is accurate and fair for competitive matches. The non-slip qualities are achieved by mixing the paint with a combination of sand and aluminium oxide, different amounts of each can be added to change the grip of the surfacing to suit individual sports.

The slip-resistant paint coatings could be applied in a range of colours including red, blue, white and green, and the type of paint used depends on the surface specification the facility is installed in.

Acrylic courts line-marking paints is usually used on a macadam surface, whereas polyurethane paint is used for polymeric rubber courts.

The outdoor surface colouring will be done to suit your own preferences in terms of design and functionality.

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Additional coloured markings may be added for extra sports, and different levels of slip resistance could be applied to suit your primary activities.


MUGA Line Markings Near Me

We can install MUGA line markings for sports areas across the UK to create an area where a variety of different sports may be carried out.

The great thing about MUGA markings is that the area can then be used for numerous activities, meaning you do not have to install more than one facility; therefore you can save money, as installation prices will be lowered. 

If you’re looking to install a tennis facility which may be used for many different sports and activities, surface line-markings can be applied in contrasting colours to make it easy to differentiate between each sport that the surface is being utilised for. This is a common feature for schools and clubs which don’t have the space to create individual areas for each sport or activity. Get in touch with one of our experts today by using our quick contact form, we'll be happy to discuss costs and designs for line-marking and painting.

Tennis Surface Line Markings

When you have tennis surface line markings applied to your sport court, it’s important to ensure the process is carried out by an experienced sport surfacing contractor. This will make certain the lines are sprayed to the correct dimensions and that they meet the relevant accreditations for tennis governing bodies. It’s also vital the right type of anti-slip paint is used so the performance qualities are appropriate for the sports being played, and that the surfacing remains safe for players to use.

Tennis Court Relining Near Me

If you have a sports court which had fallen into disrepair or needs a refurbishment, we will do this as part of sports court repair maintenance in Groomsport.

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Damaged areas will be fixed and then a new application of coloured paint and line-markings could be sprayed out. This vastly improves both the playing qualities and the appearance of your facility without the extensive costs of resurfacing completely. If you need more information on tennis court relining, please get in touch with our local team closest to you by completing the contact form provided. 

Costs for the installation of sport facility line-markings in Groomsport BT19 6 and surrounding areas will vary depending on the existing conditions of the sports court, the area size and number of lines which need to be sprayed on.

We usually recommend that you thoroughly clean the surfacing is carried out before any line-markings or paint coatings are applied, this is to give the surfacing an even finish and make sure there are no gaps in the paint layer.


How to Line Mark a Tennis Court Near Me

For those wondering how to line mark a tennis court, these are the steps our professionals follow:

  1. Thoroughly clean the facility to remove any dirt and debris of the surface

  2. Chemically treat the area using a specialist moss and algae removal solution

  3. Apply line markings to the facility in the desired colour, making use of a specialist line-marking paint

We can carry out this process using specialist tools and premium materials to ensure the facility is maintained in the best way possible to the highest standard.

Our specialists can line mark your tennis courts in colours you desire and can even install extra line-markings for other sports like netball and basketball. If you wish to speak to one of our experts regarding the line-marking process in Groomsport or surrounding areas, please complete the contact box which is provided on this page. We will respond to your enquiry at the earliest convenience and will offer professional advice and support where needed.

Sports Court Lining in Groomsport

Our local specialists can carry out sport court lining to improve the look and play of your facility.

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Professional sport markings will allow players to keep score more accurately and will also make the game a lot easier. We have years of experience within the lining industry and we have a number of different colours for our clients to choose from. Since we feel that it is important to make sure our clients are pleased with the end result, we will make sure that we make them aware of all the colours and sport markings that are available. 

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To find out more about tennis court line marking in Groomsport BT19 6 or to submit an enquiry, please use our contact form and fill in as much detail as you can about your requirements.

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